The following achievement of the project could be noted:

1. A process of mainstreaming gypsy women has been initiated to reduce stigma attached with them,
2. Gypsy women are trained in small business and communication Skills about their traditional products
3. The first ever GWTFCC (Gypsy Women Trade Facilitation and Communication Centre) is established in Lahore to be the voice of gypsy women in Pakistan.
4. Interaction and linkages are built with market and key stakeholders for promotion of gypsy home based products.
5. 5 groups of gypsy women are organized as per their trades and professions such as 1) basket makers, strainer (Chage), 2) clay toy makers (Ghogoo Ghorya makers), 3) Reilly work, and curtain, Cushions and begs makers, 3) handmade Jewelry maker and 5) gypsy women folk singers.

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