SUCCESS STORIES 1 (Ms. Fouzia)  



Name: Ms. Fouzia
Husband Name: M. Naymat
Resident: China Scheme
City: Lahore
Profession: Selling Bangles
Age: 27 years
Children: 1 Girl

    Fouzia is 27 years old women got married at the age of 23. She has one daughter. She belonged to Hyderabad Sindh and now has migrated in Lahore. She is living in China Scheme in the tent with Gypsy community. She is living here since last ten years. Her husband sells balloons and she sells bangles. In the morning she goes to the Bungalows and sell door to door bangles. She told we don't get much income to give good education to our children which we earn on daily basis use it for the daily expense. When team visited China Scheme, met Fouzia .During conversation team heard about her life story and felt she is very upset and hopeless regarding her life. She wants to live happy life and give all the joys to her family but poverty doesn't allow. She said that some time I think this is the life for what we have come to in this world. After heard her story team member shared the purpose of visit in Gypsy community. We came to work with you people who have the talents but did not have much awareness to utilize it. Our organization is looking for those women who have talents to make things with hands. Then we will make your own links in the market. So you make things and sale them in the market. She accepted patiently after theatre performance she was motivated and decided to work with us and help her family. She motivated many women in her area. She is a first stake holder of that community. Her life is changed. She wants to change her life style and give bright future to her children.  
    SUCCESS STORIES 2 (Nusrat Bibi)  

Nusrat Bibi, 29 is a mother of 5 children, lives at Ravi Bridge huts. Her husband works in vegetable Mandi on daily wages. She participated in different activities of project such as theatre performance and capacity building workshop. She had the skills of basket making but due to lack of market demand, she had left this work and started begging as her new profession. With the motivation of the project team, she was asked to focus on their traditional work and make it as a earning profession. With lot of counseling efforts, she was motivated and participated in the capacity building training workshop.

She was provided with the raw material to make baskets and sell it in the market. With this material she makes 15 baskets of different size in the month of December 2015, and she sold them in the market with the following prices.

Sr. #







Small basket

Rs. 100

3-4 baskets

December 2015



Medium basket

Rs. 250 – 300

4-5 baskets

December 2015



Large size basket

Rs. 500 -600

2-3 baskets

December 2015


So, she earned about Rs4500/- as her income of her products. That was a contribution with the support of the project intervention. Now her husband is also supportive and happy with her. She is becoming a model for other gypsy women in Ravi Bridge. Now she feels that it is better than begging, and I will focus on my work to improve the living conditions of my family.

    SUCCESS STORIES 3 (Mr. saleem Bazmi)  
    Name: Mr. Saleem Bazmee
Resident: Garwi Mohalla
City: Lahore
Profession: Artist (Signer)
Age: 54 Years
Children: Total 4 (2 Girls & 2 Boys)
    Saleem Bazmee is 54 years old man lived at street no 4 Garwi Mohalla Shahdra, Lahore. Mr. Bazmee lived with his small family, his family members are his wife, two daughters and two boys.

Mr. Bazmee is an artist (Singer) he also owned a sound system. He is doing job in shadi hall his job is singing, his elder son help him while he is busy in singing his son collect money people gave him as a reward. His younger son is studying in class five. Both of his daughters stay at home all the day.

When we start discussion with Mr. Bazmee about our objective that we are here to develop their skills, his daughters can do work at home and earn money like this they can spend happy life. He told us that he is not happy with his life they are living hand to mouth because his income is not enough to meet their daily needs. He helps us to arrange theater performance in their community after that performance he decided that his daughters take part in activities of "AAS" and develop their skills. He decided that he will also work for this community development project as an activist and also involve his close friends as a stake holder in fact one of his neighbor Nasser Ahmmad joined our team as an activist after understanding our objective.

Mr. Saleem Bazmee is very thankful to the all team of "AAS" and "AF" that both of these organizations are doing very good job for poor and needy people in fact he said that these institutes are helping "mankind". He said that he will teach all of his friends, relatives and all the people he knows (in Garwi Mohalla) what we teach them about women empowerment.

This is a great success for us, we make "Saleem Bazmee" understand that women empowerment is very important for our society like this we can live a prosperous life.

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