• Turning Remembrance into Action, on International AIDS Candlelight Memorial :
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Target Group(s):       
High School Teachers and Adolescents

actionaid Pakistan, Lahore & AAS



Summary of main activities:         

Organized a Program to commemorate International AIDS Candlelight Memorial on 17th May 2004, at Al-Humra Hall # II, Lahore.

Speeches by speakers.

ARV Drugs and Role of Govt.

Role of adolescents and youth in the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS

Theater performance by AAN Theatre

Views of guests of honors

    Candle lighting by Chief Guest, Guest of honors, Representatives of Students, Teachers, NGOs, Religious Leaders and Political Leaders.

    Likely Impact:                                              


Capacity Building

Adopting preventive measures of HIV/AIDS

More acceptable to HIV+ve persons

Increase in self-confidence among students

Willingness to work for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention in schools, families and community through organizing different activities

Concept of volunteer work adopted by Activists

Increase in knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS

AAN Theatre gained confidence and experience in presentation and theatre development on HIV/AIDS

Increased knowledge about ARV Drugs and International AIDS Candlelight Memorial Campaign.