Health Education for Learning & Practice (HELP):
Health Education for Learning and Practice (HELP) has been initiated for school going adolescents and teachers to train secondary resource persons on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis.

Adolescents/Adult Activists Network (AAN):
AAN is a Network of Activists consisted on schools and college students trained through different projects of HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis awareness and prevention by AAS. Activists are students who have volunteered themselves to work for the awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS and other health related issues and problems.
AAN is established to provide a platform to AAS activists to exchange experiences on information dissemination and collaboration with other NGOs working on the same issues. The main features of AAN are:
Capacity Building of Activists
AAN Theatre
AAN Newsletter

Pastoral Health Care Program (PHCP):
Pastoral Health Care Program (PHCP), is to sensitize religious groups and individuals on the issues of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and other social issues to get their support to raise awareness at grass root level.

Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis:
Capacity Building on HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis is a program of AAS in which NGO's CBOs and Religious Organizations personnel are trained in HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis awareness and prevention.

Mother & Child Care Center (MCCC):
MCCC is a project of AAS being implemented with the partnership of Trust for Voluntary Organization (TVO) and European Commission. The MCCC is established at Baigpure village in District Gujranwalla. The main features of MCCC are:
Labor room