Folk Singing is a traditional profession of gypsy women from a specific tribe of gypsy community, historically they have been a street performer and singing on wedding ceremonies with their specific instrument, "Garvi", but with the passage of time, their profession is dying due to lack of opportunities, lack of patronage from government or concerned authorities and use of latest technologies in musical instruments as well as change in life style of gypsy women. In this situation, they adopted different professions, and left the singing profession.

Considering the importance of the historical heritage of gypsy community as gypsy women Folk Singers, with beautiful unique voices, AAS under the grant, "Innovative Approaches to promoting Women's Economic Empowerment, of GEP project, organized them as "Gypsy Women Folk Band" Lahore, with the objectives to promote gypsy folk singing and provide opportunities to gypsy folk singers to use their God Gifted talent of Singing, and to improve their socio economic situation and social status in the society, in this process they have been facilitated with basic musical instruments by the project grant.

Now, this Gypsy Women Folk Band consisted on the professional gypsy women singers and musicians, are available for any person, organization or institution. The gypsy women folk band has the ability and expertise to perform in all type of functions, such as family, intuitional and government for folk music, Ghazals and Arfana Kalam etc,

They can be contacted at:

Gypsy Women Folk Band
Haji Mohammad Rasheed
Amamia Colony, Lahore
Phone #: 0307-8553007

At AAS Office: 0300-4124804

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